A Green Smoothie Recipe Can Be Enjoyed By Individuals of All Ages!

green smoothie recipeThe wonderful taste and health benefits that a green smoothie recipe contains can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. The fruit to leafy green vegetable ratio of a green smoothie recipe is approximately 60:40, so the naturally sweet taste of the included fruit dominates the taste of the smoothie. Green smoothies are simple to digest for elderly individual. Even young children can enjoy the taste of green smoothies, especially when they are encouraged to get in on the process of creating their own smoothie recipes. Don’t let the green color of green smoothies be off putting.

They are both delicious and nutritious! Prepare green smoothies beforehand if you find yourself being prone to mid-morning or afternoon snack cravings. Many individuals are surprised at just how wonderful a green smoothie can taste. You are encouraged to grab your favorite fruits and vegetables, your blender, and get to experimenting with creating your own green smoothie recipe today!

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