A Green Smoothie Recipe a Day: the Irish Banana Split Surprise

Green Smoothie RecipeEveryone knows that a green smoothie recipe a day keeps the doctor away, and this green smoothie recipe is loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for your body!

In order to make this green smoothie recipe, you will need to gather 2 ripe bananas, 1 whole peeled and diced pineapple, ½ a cup of fresh strawberries, 2 cups of fresh, organic spinach, and 1 pint of fresh, purified water.

All of the ingredients for the Irish Banana Split Surprise should be added together to the blender and blended thoroughly.

It is important to ensure that all of the ingredients used in this smoothie recipe are organic and raw in order to derive the maximum amount of nutritional benefits.

The addition of the bananas will give this smoothie recipe a creamy consistency, similar to that of a milkshake, but if you do not like any of the included fruit, do not be afraid to substitute your own favorite fruits and vegetables into this green smoothie recipe!

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