Green Smoothie Recipes – 3 Rules for Preparation

Welcome to the world of raw smoothie recipes! Here, your body will receive the vitamins and nutrients it needs on a daily basis, and you will experience an increase in your overall health, as well as a noticeable increase in energy! All benefits of Green Smoothie Recipes. Here are three guidelines for preparing green smoothie recipes to get you started on your journey:

Green Smoothie Recipe Rule #1:

Prepare your raw smoothie recipes first thing in the morning in the entire amount you will consume throughout the day. Consume what you need in the morning to satisfy your cravings, and the rest should be chilled until you are ready to drink it. Don’t add anything to your green smoothie recipe except water and raw vegetables or fruit. Do not add nuts, oils, or other supplements as these can slow down your body’s digest of the fruits and vegetables found in your smoothie.

Green Smoothie Recipe Rule #2:

Drink your smoothie as a snack, as opposed to part of your meal. You may eat other food items approximately 40-60 minutes before or after your smoothie, but you want to ensure that your body has an adequate amount of time to consume the maximum amount of nutrients from the smoothie. Other snack items can interfere with your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients it needs. However, your raw smoothie recipe may be accompanied by a glass of water.

Green Smoothie Recipe Rule #3:

Do not add fifteen different ingredients to your green smoothie recipes as you prepare them. At most, you should not add more than 3-5 ingredients per smoothie recipe. This is to make the absorption and digestive process easier on your body and to derive the maximum amount of nutrients from the ingredients you do add. As a general guideline you should avoid adding starchy vegetables to your green smoothie recipes, including carrots, green beans, and cauliflower.

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